The ‘Big Bang Theory’ Laugh Track Replaced With Ricky Gervais Is Truly Terrifying

Love it or hate it, as anyone familiar with his former podcast and radio program The Ricky Gervais Show is probably aware, comedian Ricky Gervais has perhaps one of the most distinctive laughs of all time. If you fall into the “love it” camp, then you might appreciate this mashup of The Big Bang Theory with the show’s famous and often lampooned laugh track replaced with Gervais’ familiar laugh. (If you fall into the “hate it” camp, well… this video might actually be the stuff nightmares are made of.)

See, the laugh track is a valuable tool used by family friendly sitcoms to let you know when you might not otherwise know when to laugh at jokes such as “Dinner’s almost ready, if you like meatloaf I’m sure you’ll like it’s cousin, bowl of meat.” But thanks to the resounding cackles of Ricky Gervais, trust us when we say you will never forget when to laugh ever again — which let’s face it, kind of comes in handy when we’re talking about scorching hot IRS and Comic Con jokes.

On the plus side, it almost tricks you into thinking that The Big Bang Theory is as funny as Gervais and Stephen Merchant reading from Karl Pilkington’s diary. We should be so lucky.