A Brief History Of Ricky Gervais Going After Big Game Hunters On Twitter

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In the wake of the news that surfaced yesterday of Zimbabwe’s beloved lion Cecil being killed by American dentist Walter Palmer — the big game hunter who illegally lured the animal away from the preserve where it was protected — reactions have been strong. So far, we’ve seen Palmer’s dental practice get trashed online, and even Jimmy Kimmel gave a heartfelt statement during his monologue last night.

Ricky Gervais also unsurprisingly weighed in on the subject. Gervais is an ardent and outspoken animal rights activist, who was responsible for the public shaming of a woman who posted a smiling photo of herself next to a giraffe she just killed on social media earlier this year.

On Tuesday, Gervais tweeted the following:

Of course, as I mentioned, this is hardly the first time Gervais has brought up the subject of big game hunting and other animal-related causes on Twitter. Here are some of the other things he’s said on the social media platform over time:


Finally, Gervais tweeted late Tuesday night: