Watch Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's Mad Dash To Escape A Mob Of Reporters

Judging from this video, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford does not want to talk much about the a set of newly released court documents related to his crack smoking escapades. He dodges all sorts of questions before basically just blasting right past them in a mad dash for an office.

One thing is clear, the ongoing investigation inside of the courtroom means a continued zoo atmosphere outside of city hall. Especially if Ford is willing to barrel through reporters like a bear being swarmed by bees.

Who can blame him though? It has to be hell to deal with that level of public scrutiny on top of people trying to get a moment out of you. He’s clearly not the kind to be cool under pressure, unless you mean “cool” in the jumping a jetski over a shark tank while downing a plate of waffles way.

(Via The Toronto Star)