Rob Liefeld Versus Tom Brevoort And Scott Snyder: FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT

After Rob Liefeld quit DC Comics ahead of schedule and started naming names on Twitter, we knew there would have to be more to the story. Now Bleeding Cool has spotted Rob Liefeld arguing with both Marvel’s Tom Brevoort and with Batman writer Scott Snyder. Full rundowns on the blowouts are here and here, but we’ll post a short summary of the sickest burns.

Tom Brevoort was asked if there was room at Marvel for Liefeld. He replied, “After that Twitter flame-out, I can’t say I’d be in a hurry to get onto that train.” Brevoort also came to the defense of one of the guys Rob Liefeld had insulted, DC associate editor Brian Smith. Brevoort called Smith a “stand-up guy” and characterized Liefeld’s slams as “off base”. For what it’s worth, Gail Simone has also come to Smith’s defense.

Liefeld responded by calling Brevoort a “fat ass” and adding a couple more comments:

Sorry they passed you over for EIC Tommy B. Get over it and get back to mixing and matching Avengers and X-Men #doucher

I know, Tommy B, why don’t u all tell Kirkman how “concerned” u are for his future post Marvel. That’s our funniest bit that we HOWL at.

Brevoort shot back:

You remain a sweetheart, Rob. Don’t go changing. Also, feel free to say any of this to my face, you feckless bully.

Takes a big man to go postal publicly on a young editor like that. #kickspuppiestoo

Liefeld answered, “happy to @TomBrevoort then u can bump me with your gut”


Rob Liefeld got into it possibly even worse with Scott Snyder, whom Liefeld called a “pretentious pr-ck”. Liefeld also posted screencaps of their private message conversation, which is a classy as f–k thing to do. That argument (and some screencaps) can be found here, but we’ll only mention this one comment, completely out of context, because it’s amazing.

BOOM. Roasted.