Robert Pattinson’s Long Hair In ‘The King’ Trailer Is Making People Lose It

YouTube / Netflix

It’s hard to believe anyone worried about the two Twilight kids post-Twilight. Kristen Stewart’s post-Bella life has been a dream, with her drowning herself in challenging art house fare, then sauntering back to blockbuster fare with her head held high. As for Robert Pattinson, he’s…well, done exactly the same thing. He’s heading into The Batman a critical darling, thanks to his turns in the likes of Claire Denis’ heady space movie High Life and Robert Eggers’ forthcoming The Lighthouse.

Anyway, let’s talk about his hair.

Today saw the trailer for The King, a Netflix-shepherded historical epic in which Timothée Chalamet plays Prince Hal, aka Henry V, the young king immortalized in four separate but continuous Shakespeare plays. The film appears to blend all four together — much as Orson Welles’ beloved Chimes at Midnight did with the first three — and Pattinson plays our hero’s nemesis: the Dauphin of France, with whom England dukes it out in the Battle of Agincourt. The Bard, Orson Welles, history, whatever — the real reason most people will watch it is because of its stars and their hair.

Chalamet’s bowl cut quickly earned internet attention, but eventually people moved onto Pattinson’s lengthy, stringy, dirty blonde locks. It’s almost certainly a wig, but Pattinson — who’s only in two, wordless shots — knows how to use it.

We’re sure the two thespians will be excellent, and that the movie itself — directed by David Michôd, with whom Pattinson made 2013’s bleak-o-rama The Rover, and co-written by Joel Edgerton, who also girthed up to play Henry’s jolly, eventually jilted mentor Falstaff — will be a serious work of filmed history, that’s not what will get people to click on it.

For some, he reminded them of the good ol’ Twilight days.

Or Game of Thrones.

The King hits Netflix this fall. You can watch the trailer below.