Drop It, Creep: RoboCop Is Giving Ultimatums In The Newest Videos

RoboCop opens tomorrow, so MGM has to hurry up and shoot everyone’s crotch with as many promotional videos as possible. We already posted several of them here, but we’ve also narrowed down the newest batch to the most interesting three.

In the first video, RoboCop takes a shortcut and issues some ultimatums to find a wanted man. As we suspected in the clip where RoboCop shoots a security guard, he is using a non-lethal stun gun. Ugh, PG-13. Needs more crotch trauma.

The second clip finally reminds us that Micheal K. Williams is indeed in this movie. After they switch RoboCop’s suit to tactical black, Williams’ character says, “At least I know you’re in the right color now.” THAT’S RACIST RABBLE RABBLE MEN’S RIGHTS INSIDE JOB.

The third clip is a featurette about the RoboCop suit. We liked when Joel Kinnaman talked about trying to walk like a robot. Well, that’s easy. Just pretend to be Cam Gigandet’s acting.

Picture and videos via STUDIOCANAL UK and CBM.