Watch This Rocky Mountain Firenado Footage Immediately Because HOLY SH*T FIRENADO

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03.25.14 4 Comments

Rocky Mountain fire fighter Thomas Rogers and his team recently confronted a “dust devil” (aka “A BIG TERRIFYING FIRENADO”) and instead of crapping his pants and running like hell he instead filmed five minutes of insane footage and then uploaded it to YouTube accompanied by the most metal metal he could find, because duh.

Prescribed burn of 150 acres at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal in Denver, CO. Participating agencies: USFWS, USFS, South Metro Fire, West Metro Fire, Denver Fire, Fairmount Fire.

A dust devil formed and drew the prescribed fire into it. It crossed the line and burned about 1 additional acre.

The destruction and overall deadliness/pants-sh*ttingness are really a shame because otherwise firenados are a totally BAD ASS comic book villain-esque super power that deserve their own SyFy movie.

Rogers recently spoke way to calmly to CNN about the incident.

YouTube via Gawker

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