Roger Stone Let Himself Be Filmed By A Documentary Crew Straight-Up Planning How To Overturn The 2020 Election

One should never plot to overturn an election, but if one does, it would behoove one not to do it in front of a documentary crew. And yet that’s exactly what Roger Stone did. Last summer news broke that the longtime GOP fixer had had the foresight to let filmmakers to film him up to, including, and after the 2020 election. (Amazingly, Donald Trump did the same thing.) Now that footage is finally being made public, and, well, check this out.

On Wednesday, as per The Daily Beast, MSNBC aired a clip from A Storm Foretold, Danish filmmaker Christoffer Guldbrandsen’s film comprised of footage he shot of Stone mid-chicanery. It finds the Nixon back tattoo-haver on November 5 — two days after the election and days before Trump officially lost — dictating to a lackey about his plan to keep Trump in power.

“Although state officials in all 50 states must ultimately certify the results of the voting in their state… the final decision as to who the state legislatures authorize be sent to the Electoral College is a decision made solely by the legislature,” Stone tells the associate. “Any legislative body may decide on the basis of overwhelming evidence of fraud, to send electors to the Electoral College who accurately reflect the president’s legitimate victory in their state, which was illegally denied him through fraud.”

He then adds, ““We must be prepared to lobby our Republican legislatures…by personal contact and by demonstrating the overwhelming will of the people in their state — in each state — that this may need to happen.”

Well, then! After the clip aired, Guldbrandsen told MSNBC host Air Melber that Stone is ““upset” that the footage has been made public. He added, though, “I respect that he has been able to restrain himself from going after me.”

Guldbrandsen also aired a clip in which Stone, learning on Trump’s last day in office that he would not be getting a pardon from the exiting leader, grew quite upset — so upset that he called Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka, an “abortionist b*tch.” Similar footage was released early last year. Another clip from A Storm Foretold catches him bragging about how he likes to manipulate Trump.

(Via The Daily Beast)