Roger Stone Boasted On A Hot Mic About How He Manipulates Donald Trump To Act As His Puppet

New documentary footage of Roger Stone shows Donald Trump‘s long-time friend and advisor openly boasting on a hot mic how he’s played the former president like a puppet for years. The moment was captured by a Danish film crew who have been chronicling Stone’s behind-the-scenes actions before and during the 2020 election, which ultimately sparked the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol building.

In the footage from A Storm Foretold, Stone is shown praising Trump to a MAGA crowd. In particular, Stone says that his longtime friend is “someone who is not handled, not managed. Not controlled. A man who cannot be bossed.”

However, moments later, Stone is shown on a hot mic bragging about how he absolutely handles, manages, and controls Trump.

“I have a 40-year record of being able to convince the big man to do what’s in his best interest. He’s not easy to deal with. It’s complicated,” Stone said in the footage. “He resents any implication that he is handled or managed or directed.”

Via The Daily Beast:

“You have to say, ‘Remember that night when we were in Buffalo. And you gave that speech, and God, it had to be 10,000 people, the biggest crowd they’d ever seen. And you said XYZ, and the place went crazy, remember that? I don’t know where you came up with that line, but it’s one of the best things.’”

Stone then theorized how Trump might respond to the lie.

“Yeah, I’m going to use that one again,” Stone said, playing the part of Trump.

Proud of his master manipulation, Stone repeated his claim that he’s been working Trump for decades.

“Doesn’t f*cking matter that he never said it—doesn’t matter,” Stone boasted. “It’s time-consuming, but it works. I did it for 30 years.”

(Via The Daily Beast)