A Viral Video Of Ron DeSantis Looking Dead Inside Is Giving Strong Homelander From The ‘Boys’ Vibes

More Ron DeSantis? More like Ron DeerInHeadlights.

On Saturday, the juice-less Florida governor was questioned about his campaign communication director Andrew Romero suggesting the other candidates will have their “knives out” for him during the first GOP debate. He was also asked about a leaked memo from the “Never Back Down” PAC which included suggestions on how to act during the debate, like that he should “defend Donald Trump” when Chris Christie badmouths the former president (who won’t be there). To both questions, DeSantis looked like me in elementary school when I told my best friend I knew where babies come from, and he asked “OK, where?” What follows is some grade-A stammering.

“Well, the memo is not mine, I haven’t read it, um, I think he’s something we have to put off to the side,” he said. “But in terms of the debate, look, I know from the military, when you’re over the target, that’s when you’re taking flak. If you look, really, in the last six to nine months, I’ve been more attacked than anybody else. Biden, Harris, the media, the left, other republican candidates, and there’s a reason for that, because people know I’m the biggest threat.”

It was an uninspiring answer from a meatball of a man who, as Twitter realized, has the same “tics” as Homelander, the jingoistic superhero from The Boys. In a “which superhero are you?” quiz, that’s not who you want to get.

There’s one issue with the comparison, however: