Bumbling Ron DeSantis’ Floundering Presidential Campaign Has Managed To Make Its ‘Worst Strategic Move’ Yet: ‘It’s Just Stupid, Actually’

For a brief moment, it seemed like Ron DeSantis was set for a “breakthrough” in New Hampshire, but then his campaign made yet another blunder, which could hand the state to Donald Trump.

At issue is a DeSantis event scheduled for Tuesday June 27, the same day that Trump is scheduled to appear in the state. While it’s not uncommon for candidates to have competing events, the move by DeSantis’ campaign angered the New Hampshire Republican Federation of Women who had personally invited Trump to the event, which by the way, is their annual fundraising lunch. It’s a pretty big deal.

“It has always been a New Hampshire hallmark to be considerate when scheduling events,” the group said in a statement. “To have a candidate come in and distract from the most special event [the women’s group] holds in the year is unprecedented.”

The screw-up by DeSantis’ campaign is already being blasted by political movers in the state. Via Politico:

“If there’s one thing you don’t do in New Hampshire, it’s piss off the grassroots women,” said an adviser to a rival candidate granted anonymity to speak freely. “Don’t mess with them, they remember everything. Rookie move.”

However, Politico reports that at least two members of the women’s group have quit in protest of the statement. One of the resigning members, Kate Day, went on the record and accused the Republican Federation of breaking its “neutrality” by attacking DeSantis.

(Via Politico)