Ron Jeremy Plays Musical Instruments And Speaks To The Congregation Of A Christian Church. Wait, WHAT?

The only thing better than Ron Jeremy standing up in front of the congregation of an evangelical Christian church to play harmonica and piano and give testimony about how God has influenced his life is the call letters of the Michigan news station reporting this odd little nugget: WOOD.

No, seriously, reports WOOD TV 8:

Jeremy played piano and harmonica to warm up the crowd before his light and upbeat message. He was invited as part of a duo; he spoke alongside California pastor Craig Gross. Gross runs the website, a ministry aimed at helping those with an addiction to pornography.

Jeremy, who was raised Jewish, spoke briefly about his life in the industry; admitting he still works and has been with more than 2,000 women. Throughout the years, however, he has had several personal experiences that have brought him closer to God; one of them was surviving a car wreck with the late pastor/comedian Sam Kinison.

Ron Jeremy getting invited to speak to the congregation of an evangelical Christian church may actually be more impressive than him once being able to suck himself off. He’s the ultimate Jew for Jesus, in my book.

Also, how did I not know that know that Ron Jeremy was involved in a car crash with Sam Kinison?! I dug a little deeper and found a more detailed account of the accident in this interview Jeremy did with a Christian website a while back.

[When I was in the accident with Kinison] we were discussing God, and I said, “I think I believe in him.” And Sam, being a Pentecostal minister, he knew more about Judaism than I did. He’d studied all religions. And so then he swerves and goes over an embankment, slides upside down into a field, miraculously missing trees. Had we hit a tree, we probably would have been in serious trouble.

The car was upside down, so we crawled out of the windows. We might have been crushed to death. We picked glass off our faces and our bodies, and there was not one scratch, not an ounce of blood, nothing. And the first thing Sam says is, “Hey, Jeremy, you believe in God now?”

I said to him, “You go to great lengths of prove a point, Sam.” And later on that night, Carl LaBove, Sam’s opening act, and Bill Kinison (Sam’s brother), said to me, “Sam wasn’t the one proving the point.”

Um, I hate to break this to you, Ron, but Sam Kinison was a mad man and you guys coming out of that accident unscathed had nothing to do with God and everything to do with luck. But hey, blow that harmonica for Jesus, man!

(Via Christian Nightmares)