Ron Swanson Eating Meat Is The Best Thing On The Internet Today

You’d be hard-pressed to name a television character more loved by the Internet than Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation, and for good reason (The guy who plays him seems pretty cool too!). The Swanson gifs and tributes on the web are endless (Personally, I think the gif above is the greatest of them all.), but the lovely Alex Leo today posted to her Tumblr what may be my favorite Ron Swanson tribute of them all.
She writes:

There is much to admire about Ron: his intense libertarianism, his willingness to try cornrows, his support of Leslie, that time he gave a small child a landmine, and, of course, his secret life as jazz musician Duke Silver. But above all, it’s Ron’s meat-love that inspires greatness in others. As a testament to Ron I have collected all the images of Ron eating meat and everything he’s said while eating it.

OOOOHHHH YES! Ron Swanson is a man who loves him some meat, as Ufford has pointed out previously over at Warming Glow. Here’s a small sampling of the gift Alex bestowed upon us this morning.
Go check out the whole thing!