A Former Federal Prosecutor Thinks Rudy Giuliani Should Be ‘Very Worried’ That Authorities Will Throw The Kitchen Sink At Him

Listening to Rudy Giuliani speak today, it would be hard to imagine that the disgraced attorney could mastermind what to eat (or drink) for breakfast, let alone a massive conspiracy to overturn the results of a very legitimate presidential election. But as authorities continue to gather information about Team Trump’s attempts to capsize the results of the 2020 presidential election, at least on paper, most of the roads appear to be leading back to Rudy, even though he himself admitted that he didn’t investigate the election fraud claims before very publicly slamming them. And at least one prominent legal expert thinks the former New York City mayor should be “very worried.”

As Raw Story reports, CNN’s Erin Burnett welcomed former federal prosecutor Shan Wu onto her show, Out Front, to talk about the massive fraud that was reportedly planned in submitting fake electors to Congress in order for Trump as the winner of the 2020 presidential election that, as you probably remember, he did not win. And how Giuliani may have been more than just the face of these attempts to certify Trump as president, but the mastermind.

Wu said that Giuliani “should be very worried, legally” about his involvement in this subversive plot. “[Giuliani] says that he wouldn’t ‘associate himself with anything false,’ and there he is doing exactly that. And these evidences coming out that he was in charge of this, his own representations of his role sounds like he is a mastermind, a key player. That’s going to be a big problem for him here.”

While Wu admitted that there could be some defenses Giuliani might put up, from a legal perspective, he maintained that “overall, if the Department is looking at this and they charge, they are going to charge the whole kit and caboodle. And I would be very surprised if he is not charged, frankly, if this continues.”

You can watch the full segment below.

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(Via Raw Story)