People Are Scratching Their Heads Over A Bizarre Rudy Giuliani Video Where He Attacks A Democratic Candidate While Using An Abraham Lincoln Filter

Was Rudy Giuliani ever okay? The one once dubbed “America’s mayor” over his handling of the September 11 attacks has been on a constant downslope for the last year, if not before. It started in earnest after his client, Donald J. Trump, lost re-election. Untold humiliations followed, as did legal and financial worries. Still, even considering he once sweated black goo during an already chaotic press conference, what on earth is going on here?

On a mostly peaceful Tuesday night (albeit not for Steve Bannon), social media was hit with the above video. What is it? It shows Giuliani using…an Abraham Lincoln filter to attack Terry McAuliffe, former governor of Virginia who’s running for his old job again. “just listen to Abe,” he wrote in the caption.

“Virginia, vote against the man who dishonored our past by selling my bedroom hundreds and hundreds of times to scoundrels in a pay-for-play scheme!” Giuliani says, while seemingly trying to sound like a ghost (or something). “In my time, we had a name for men who sold bedrooms for one night. In your time, the name is Terry McAuliffe! End the Clinton sleaze once and for all!”

Okay, but why Abraham Lincoln? And what does Bill or Hillary Clinton (or both) have to do with this? Raw Story figured it out:

Giuliani is referring to a controversy in the early 1990s in which the Bill Clinton administration was accused of renting out the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House to campaign contributors. Terry McAuliffe worked in the Clinton White House at the time, but fact-checkers have debunked the frequently repeated claim by Republicans that McAuliffe was the mastermind of the scheme.

Well, then! Mind you, Giuliani did once host SNL, during very different times, so perhaps he thought he was doing a comedy bit. But everyone else was left scratching their heads, even for a Giuliani appearance.

Some felt bad for Abraham Lincoln.

This is far from the most embarrassing thing Giuliani has done in the last year-plus, but only because he’s raised the bar so high.

(Via Raw Story)