This Russian Dance Show Contestant’s Nose May Never Recover From This Faceplant

A 23-year-old contestant on a show called Dancing, the Russian version of So You Think You Can Dance, had an unfortunate accident this week while auditioning for judges. Ekaterina Kondrashina, a fitness coach, model, and yoga teacher, claimed to have spent two months preparing her contemporary routine. However, as she attempted a split at the very end she inadvertently smashed her face to the ground, breaking her nose, which immediately began gushing blood.

Kondrashina was rushed to the hospital where she learned that thankfully she wouldn’t need plastic surgery for her injuries. No word on whether she made it through to the next round, but for what it’s worth I hope they gave her another shot. I mean she just broke her nose, it’s not like she killed someone — which would probably not be entirely out of the question on a Russian dancing competition program.

Here’s footage of her pre-faceplant routine, from Kondrashina’s Instagram account. Had she won, she planned to open a dance school in her hometown.

And here are two shots of her backstage, and practicing her ill-fated move:

(Via Daily Mail)