Russian State TV Dragged Trump And His ‘Not Very Smart’ Supporters: ‘Primitive People’

Donald Trump clearly adores Vladimir Putin, as he does all the world’s despots. But is the feeling mutual? Perhaps not. Last week the Russian president dragged MAGA star Tucker Carlson over the painfully boring interview he did during his dumb trip to Moscow. Now Russian State TV is tearing Trump’s super fans a new one.

Per Newsweek, a clip from Friday’s edition of Meeting Point spread over social media, with subtitles. In it, Maxim Yusin, a Russian journalist and political commentator, went off on MAGAland.

“The majority of people who vote for Trump are not very smart primitive people with whom you need to talk like this, with cliches and dumb slogans,” said Yusin.

The remark prompted laughter from the fellow commentators, one of whom called Trump stans “rednecks,” comparing them to villagers who cry out for money.

Yet another commentator turned his derision towards Trump himself. “He shuffles around the same 10 words, such a bullsh*t that’s all,” he said. “This man is planning to be president again.”

Why is Russian State TV so down on Trump? He’s all but egging them on, promising he’ll allow the nation to invade NATO countries he doesn’t like. Meanwhile his lackeys in the House of Representatives, including Speaker Mike Johnson, are trying to block further aid to Ukraine. While they may appreciate the help, it seems clear they don’t respect them. Wonder why.

(Via Newsweek)