Tucker Carlson’s Hilariously Dumb Trip To A Russian Grocery Store Has People Losing Their Minds

Tucker Carlson traveled to Russia recently to sit down with President Vladimir Putin for an hours-long propaganda special that bored the murderous despot to tears. Instead of pressing Putin on the tough issues — like his invasion of Ukraine, the mysterious deaths of his critics, or his stance on face fillers — Carlson spent his vacation dressing up in traditional garb, ordering take-out from a McDonald’s knockoff, and marveling at the country’s grocery stores.

In a clip from his show that’s since gone viral, Carlson stops by a local supermarket where he becomes increasingly amazed at the store’s low prices and strict shopping cart policy. Before accusing American media of portraying the nation’s food markets as dismally run incubators of food-borne illnesses, Carlson ventured into a “contemporary” grocery store to see how the sanctions against Russia might affect people’s wallets. He’s initially stunned that placing a coin in a cart slot is how some stores ensure customers return their buggies once they’re done shopping … so, if there was ever a question of whether Carlson buys his own food at Aldi’s, we now know the answer.

From there, Carlson experiences a grocery cart escalator for the first time in his life, struggles to discern the difference between flour and sugar, buys a ton of bread and cereal, and becomes angry when he discovers how little all that junk costs.

Of course, Carlson fails to mention that while he can certainly afford that haul with his American dollars, over 60% of Russians spend half their salary on food but that’s not what’s really important here. No, the real takeaway is how moronic Carlson manages to make himself look every time he opens his mouth, something Twitter is in no hurry to let him forget.

And in case you were wondering what Tucker thought about Putin’s biggest critic inside Russia dying mysteriously today…

It just happens!