Ryan Reynolds’ Photo With Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Is A Cry For Help

While you and your friends were drinking cheap beers and not taking photos of your dogs sitting on American flags over the holiday weekend, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, along with the rest of her impossibly attractive #squad, were totally acting like a real couple. Don’t listen to the haters — they’re going to hate, hate, hate (I now own Taylor $47,482) — look at the “I Love T.S.” shirt, instead. Only an actor who’s definitely not acting because he’s genuinely in love with Swift, or maybe T.S. Eliot, would wear that.

Ryan Reynolds would not wear that.

Take a look at this July 4 photo of Hiddleswift next to the Deadpool star and his wife, Blake Lively. It’s giving me life because it’s killing Reynolds.

The picture, taken by Swift’s childhood friend Britany Maack, is supposed to highlight Taylor and Tom’s burgeoning romance, but all I see is Reynolds’ dead-eyed stare. The look on his face is that of someone who agreed to star in an R.I.P.D. sequel. He’s gone full Affleck (even though unlike his DC rival, Reynolds was in a ridiculously successful superhero movie).

The internet has noticed.

Deadpool? More like dead inside.