The Zombie Walk Is Returning To San Diego Comic-Con, Possibly For The Last Time

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As San Diego Comic-Con continues to grow in size, certain aspects become too big to properly manage. We could suggest that maybe there’s a better way to decide who gets into Hall H than making people stand in line for days, but that seems like an optimistic wish considering how hard it is to even get a badge to the con at all. Other parts of the convention have already met their end over size and safety — two years ago, the San Diego Comic-Con Zombie Walk ended when a car plowed through a crowd of zombies crossing the street, injuring a 64-year-old woman.

There hasn’t been another zombie walk during the convention since then, but apparently it’s going to return this year, and possibly only this year. The official Zombie Walk San Diego Facebook page announcement states “Do NOT miss this year… it may be your last chance to shamble with America’s Finest Zombies!”

The walk will be a bit different from past editions. Hopefully, there will be more staff to make sure zombies make it through various intersections without getting run over by impatient motorists. But what really caught our eye was the fact that the zombie walk will be teaming up with the Dino-Mite T-Rex parade, which is apparently a thing where people in inflatable dinosaur costumes also have their own march. You may think that sounds silly, but at least those people have some padding for when a car inevitably crashes through their midst.

The San Diego Comic-Con goes down July 21 to 24, with the Zombie Walk taking place on Saturday July 23 at 6 p.m. Those who take part, be careful and don’t get stuck off the sidewalks! Just because you have an overwhelming desire to eat brains doesn’t mean you can’t use your own to stay out of traffic. With any luck, this year’s Zombie Walk will be a safe and problem-free event for all and we can go back to annual walks without the fear of cancellation or manslaughter charges.

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