Sarah Palin Finds It ‘Disheartening’ That The Jan. 6 Planners Keep Getting Stiff Prison Sentences

On Tuesday, over two-and-a-half years after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, a federal judge doled out the stiffest sentence yet for one of its perpetrators. Enrique Tarrio — former leader of the Proud Boys, the far right neo-fascist group that named after a line in Disney’s Aladdin — was handed a whopping 22 years. (That’s 11 years fewer than prosecutors had asked for.) Other Jan. 6 planners haven’t gotten off lightly either. In fact, some of the sentences awarded people who tried to overturn democracy are so long that it’s left Sarah Palin feeling a little blue.

As per Mediaite, the former Alaska governor and failed vice presidential candidate went on Newsmax, where host Eric Bolling lamented the extensive jailtime given to folks like Philly Proud Boys leader Zachary Rehl (15 years), InfoWars’ Joe Biggs (17), and Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes (18). Bolling asked Palin what she has to say “to all these lefties,” presumably meaning the judges.

“It’s so disheartening, the examples that you’ve given, Eric,” Palin responded. “It makes the populace lose a lot of faith in our government, and that’s an understatement. Unfortunately, what this leads to, when we recognize the examples that you just gave, the two-tier different justice systems that apply according to politics, you know it makes the good guy think what’s the use in being a good guy. We’re gonna be punished, you know, we’re picked on, is what we are under this system. But we can’t feel helpless and hopeless.”

Palin sure has a strange definition of being a “good guy.” But she does have a point: Doling out harsh sentences to people who helped lead a failed coup that led to multiple deaths is a good way to discourage others from attempting the same.

Elsewhere in her Newsmax appearance, Palin offered some of her patented word salad about alleged “dismantling of our traditional justice system” and how both “Lady Liberty and Lady Justice used to be blind.” Or something!

Palin also tried to claim Jan. 6 wasn’t an insurrection but just some “people who wanted to get into the Capitol and exercise their right to protest,” while mourning the “hijacking of the language of the verbiage used” when describing that fateful day.

Palin doesn’t make too many public appearances these days, and when she does it’s either to lose a primary in the state she once led or to go to restaurants while teeming with COVID. Because putting people at risk of a deadly and highly transmissible disease is something the “good guys” do.

(Via Mediaite)