‘Saucey’ Is The App That Has Underwear Models Delivering Booze In Los Angeles

As developments in app technology are continuing to shock and awe at every turn – cheese pizza with the touch of a button! – it was only a matter of time before an entrepreneurial genius presented a gamechanger for the way drunk people order more booze. Kicked out of a bar but need to keep the rager going at your home, on a sidewalk or through the broken screen on your ex-girlfriend’s patio? Saucey is the app that has you covered, at least if you live within the current Los Angeles delivery range. Sorry, I checked, but that range does not include any other city or state in America, in case you were wondering.

But Saucey could soon become a revolution in booze buying, as a scandalous new twist to the delivery service is sure to cause a spike in sales. Saucey has teamed up with the L.A.-based underwear company MeUndies to make it so that when you open your front door, excited to pound that bottle of Fireball while listening to your BRO country party mix, you could be greeted by a male or female model wearing nothing but underwear. It sounds like a horrendously terrible idea, sure, but the special will run for a limited time only, and the service will be rather selective.

The packs will be available beginning Friday for one week only. They will include everything you need for a sleepover, including a fresh pair of underwear, socks, a T-shirt, sunglasses, a hangover-fighting vitamin from Drinkwel and your choice of alcohol and mixers.

A representative for Saucey says that when you place your order using the Saucey app, you’ll receive your goods within 20 minutes. And when you order Friday, some of the lucky customers will have their packs delivered by actual underwear models in nothing but their skivvies. The models will be delivering liquor from 4 to 9 p.m., and the regular alcohol delivery service will run from noon to 1:45 a.m. (Via the Los Angeles Times)

Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long for at least one supposed Saucey user to express his or her outrage in the form of a 1-star review in the app store:

Saucey’s CEO Chris Vaughn and MeUndies CEO Bryan Lalezarian seem to think that everything will be in good fun and everyone will safely enjoy the special promotion, but I’m keeping my Gob Bluth GIFs close for a follow-up post just in case.

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