Which Version Of 'Savages' Would You Rather See?

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07.05.12 5 Comments

Savages opens tomorrow and despite looking fantastically violent, trending fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, and featuring the most Blake Lively sideboob of any film in 2012, it feels a little untalked about. Maybe Travolta Handjobgate has something to do with it. I’m not sure.

What I am sure of though is that I’m intrigued by the film itself because A) the aforementioned sideboob, B) Oliver Stone’s return to what Oliver Stone does best, and C) the probable film career redemption of Tim Riggins (aka Taylor Kitsch). I have a feeling Savages plays to all of Kitsch’s strengths and will seemingly make us forget John Carter and Rihanna dialogue ever threatened to disrail the dude’s career before it even got started. Call it a hunch.

Interestingly enough though there’s another version of Savages that the internet is getting behind. One that Tumblogger Kyle Ramos put an image on with the below version of the poster. Intriguing indeed. But unless there’s some Topanga-Winnie Cooper girl-on-girl action in store for us I’m not sure it can hold my attention for 90 minutes plus.

Kyle Ramos via Buzzfeed

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