‘Scandal’ Aired Its Series Finale And Fans Are Having Trouble Coping


Whether or not you watched her shows, it’s very safe to say that Shonda Rhimes has left an indelible mark on the television landscape. By creating compelling and well-rounded roles for women — particularly women of color — Rhimes created a powerhouse block of television that redefined the evening soap. Scandal, the troublemaking middle child of Shondaland, aired its final episode tonight, closing the book on Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), her complicated love life, and her magnificent coats.

Please, spare me the expected “that show is STILL on?” spiel. The fans are in deep mourning. The Gladiators have donned their white hats for the final time, and Twitter isn’t sure how to cope. Love triangles were resolved, some people went to jail, and the Vice President of the United States straight up murdered someone, so Scandal left the arena in style. The general consensus online is mostly positive, but the fans have stuck with these characters for seven seasons. That’s no small amount of time.

It’s always bittersweet when your favorite show ends, even if it isn’t quite what it once was. Scandal bowed out before it went too off the rails, and it certainly leaves quite a legacy of love with its fans.