Would You Use A Honey-Scented Sex Toy?


First, there was the vibrator. Then, there was the cone. Now, a new innovation in sexual technology has provided us with something completely new—a vibrator that is functional, attractive, and lightly scented. And for only $139, this modern marvel of engineering can be yours starting today.

Mashable reports that the final frontier in vibe technology—there’s only so much more we can do before we all agree that science has gone too far—is brought to us by LELO, a brand that’s known for such things as a motion-controlled vibrator and a gold-plated self-love instrument that retails for $15,000. The scented vibrator is called the Lily 2 and is based on LELO’s first vibrator. Besides being scented, it’s also completely waterproof, so it can be used in the shower (and possibly the bath and the pool, although that’s a test drive you’re going to have to make yourself). Great, but what does it smell like?

From Mashable:

The product will be available Thursday in three different aromas: Bordeaux and Chocolate, Rose and Wisteria, and Lavender and Manuka Honey.

The chosen scents are based on tested aphrodisiacs and relaxing, romantic stimuli. They are not meant to “alter the taste or smell of a woman,” reassures the company. And if you’re worried about the scents irritating your delicate parts, know they are sealed within the silicone using a process of heating and freezing.

Good to know it’s not like one of those scratch and sniff cards they used to give out at movies. Or rather, it’s exactly like that, except a little more inappropriate to be doing in public.

Mashable actually invited several of their own employees to try and figure out the scent and the results were just a tiny bit off. Instead of smelling lavender and honey, testers got “grape” and, inexplicably, “the sock section of JC Penny.” Well, at least both of those are pleasant.

(Via Mashable)

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