Scrabble Is Holding A Contest To Let You Pick A New Word For Its Dictionary

You know how when you’re playing Scrabble against your family and friends, and they act like jerks because you use a real word like “POOPO” but they challenge it and win because the dictionary that comes with the game, the one on your shelf and the Internet all say that it’s not a real word? And then you become violently angry and you start flipping tables and breaking dishes and even the TV because YOU THINK YOU’RE ALL SO SMART BECAUSE YOU WENT TO COLLEGE? Well, now you might actually be able to do something about it that doesn’t involve a felony and community service.

Hasbro Game Night and Scrabble are inviting fans to bombard their Facebook page until March 28 to nominate words that can be considered for inclusion, as they’ll be updating the Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online Official Scrabble Players Dictionary for the first time in almost a decade. You know what they might want to update first? The name of that dictionary.

People have been chiming in left and right with suggestions, with everything from “EMOTYPO” (the misuse of an emoticon, apparently) and “Qwirkle” (a Scrabble knockoff) to “Lifehack” and “Redonkulous.” But don’t worry, the most obvious and absolutely most important word has already been nominated by a number of people, and it is:

Even though Hasbro probably won’t do the right thing and cater to the Simpsons crowd, I do have one other suggestion that I nominated on Facebook myself…

Sure, my Facebook account might be suspended, but it’s worth it for justice. Make the right decision, Hasbro.