Buster Bluth’s Nightmares Come To Life In This Video Of A Sea Lion Dragging A Girl Into The Water

Entertainment Editor

What started as an idyllic day on the docks of Stevenston, a normally quiet seaside town near Vancouver’s western coast, quickly turned to terror when a sea lion dragged a young girl from the guard rail and into the murky water below. The creature, identified as a California sea lion*, could weigh up to 860 pounds, and it flexed its size and strength by taking the unsuspecting child from her family with ease.

Thankfully, a man jumped into the water to free the girl from the clutches of the deceivingly cute monster, losing his sunglasses in the process. The entire ordeal only lasted a few seconds, with the man who took the video, Michael Fujiwara, painting the scene played out: “They were pretty shaken up,” Fujiwara told CBC News. “Her family was just in shock.”

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