Sean Hannity Couldn’t Pass Up The Chance To Own The Libs When Announcing Bill Clinton’s Hospitalization — Then Pat Himself On The Back For Not Wishing The Former President Dead

Sean Hannity had a choice to make on Thursday night when he reported on the news that former President Bill Clinton has been hospitalized with a non-COVID infection since Tuesday: Report the news plain and simple, or be a total dick about it. The Fox News host chose the latter—and didn’t waste any time getting right to it.

With his “Breaking News” chyron blasting, Hannity began his segment to report on Clinton and give the obligatory well-wishes that any semi-professional correspondent would. But, as Mediaite reports, he really just couldn’t help himself when it came to getting in a dig on liberal Democrats:

“We have the latest breaking news report on former President Bill Clinton. He’s now been hospitalized. Fox News medical contributor Marty Makary is with us. Marty, uhhhh, we wish the president well. We… obviously have political differences. But unlike liberals, I actually care about human life. I hope he’s going to be ok. What are your thoughts on what you hear?”

That’s some serious sniper-like slighting: No hesitation, go in for the kill, and keep moving.

After discussing the seriousness of Clinton’s situation with Makary—which neither of them really know, except to say that it’s sepsis, which Hannity made sure to point out can be life-threatening—Hannity decided to spend a few minutes patting himself on the back for not wishing the former president dead:

Why isn’t everybody happy that whatever protocol [Clinton] used in conjunction with his own doctor, that he’s ok and healthy? How many times have I said, ‘I want every American in Afghanistan home’? I don’t care what their politics are. If they’re coming home to get me fired full-time and work to get me fired full-time, I still want them home. If every liberal that gets COVID wants to get well to get me fired because they don’t like my opinions, I still want them to get well. You don’t always see that from the left. You can look at comments at different times and it’s pretty brutal out there. Especially people that are anonymous in their basement in their underwear.”

Who do we talk to about nominating this man for sainthood?

(Via Mediaite)