Watch Sean Hannity And Geraldo Rivera Engage In An Angry Shouting Match Over Illegal Immigration

There was no love lost between Sean Hannity and his Fox News colleague Geraldo Rivera on Monday night, when the two got into a heated shouting match over the subject of illegal immigration and President Trump’s proposed border wall. To justify the multi-billion dollar wall, Hannity cited a recent incident in which a 22-year-old Knoxville man, Pierce Kennedy Corcoran, was killed in a head-on car crash with an undocumented immigrant.

“We have a 22-year-old kid, stop!” shouted Hannity, while Rivera countered that it was “grotesquely unfair” to politicize the tragedy to make a political argument.

As Rivera continued to attempt to make his point, Hannity repeatedly drilled him by asking him “how many people have to die,” and tensions only continued to escalate. Unfortunately, he didn’t get much help when Hannity turned things over to his other guest, former Secret Service agent and conservative commentator Dan Bongino, who turned things around by accusing Rivera of also making a political point.

“The death of American citizens through crime by people who had no right to be here at all, all of a sudden that’s a political point?” Bongino asked. “You know as well as I know that these people commit fewer crimes than citizens commit,” Rivera shot back. “Why don’t you tell the story of the hard-working people? You tell a slanted story to make an emotional impact.”

“They 100 percent don’t belong here,” Bongino flatly reiterated.

This isn’t the first time Geraldo has gone rogue on Fox, which seems to be happening more and more often as the networks already conservative politics skews further and further to the right. Earlier this year, Rivera and Hannity went head-to-head over the topic of gun control after the Parkland shooting, as Hannity and his Fox News ilk seem less bothered when American lives are lost in massive numbers due to rampant gun violence than they are by lives lost in isolated incidents involving illegal immigrants.