Sean Hannity Is Furious Over A Story Alleging He Blew $42K On A Trump Hotel Weekend And A Lobster

Sean Hannity is such an extreme Trump fan that he regularly slams media critics of his president while also calling out his own colleagues for daring to question some behaviors coming out of the White House. However, Hannity draws the line on his own enthusiasm when it comes to letting the world believe that he blew thousands of his own dollars while indulging in a lobster older than himself (age 55) at the Trump International Hotel in D.C.

Because, according to Hannity, this didn’t happen, unlike what a GQ feature about the extravagance that abounds at the lavish property claims. Here’s the passage that set off the Fox News host:

During the inauguration, suites were renting for as much as $18,000 a night, and the hotel filled up with diplomats and Trump’s business partners from places like Dubai and Malaysia. That same weekend, according to one forthcoming waiter, Fox News host Sean Hannity ran up a $42,000 tab in the restaurant, which included the cost of flying in an eight-pound 70-year-old lobster from Maine. (Fox News denied the story on Hannity’s behalf.)

As indicated, Hannity’s own network reached out to the publication to deny the veracity of these outrageous claims against Hannity, but he wasn’t content to not say something himself: “FAKE NEWS!! Ridiculous Fake News!! NEVER HAPPENED.”

There’s not much to unpack here, but it’s rather hilarious that Hannity’s willing to drop the “FAKE NEWS!!” label on a comparatively trivial matter compared to, say, Russian interference in the election. It seems that he damns both stories with equal ferocity, but he really wants people to know that he didn’t drop that money and eat the lobster. End of story? Good.

(Via GQ)