Florida Police Have Arrested The Serial Butt-Grabber Who Allegedly Preyed On Women’s Butts For Months

Meet Kenneth Lopez, a 20-year-old man in Florida who allegedly went around grabbing women’s butts. According to Broward county police, Lopez targeted several women in two different neighborhoods, then grabbed or slapped at least four of them. On one occasion Lopez “almost picked one woman off the ground while grabbing her behind.”

Here’s a witness account of one incident.

“All of a sudden I heard someone right behind me jogging at a steady pace and he grabbed my behind and kept jogging, I was so shocked. The more I thought about it I realized it could start out like this and turn into something more somewhere down the line and it could happen to a younger girl and it just isn’t right.”

It got so serious that police set up a sting to catch Lopez, who they dubbed a “serial butt grabber.” On Tuesday they planted a decoy (presumably a female cop) to catch him. It didn’t work but 45 minutes later Lopez was caught grabbing another woman. According to the police report, Lopez tried to defend himself by saying he knew the victim. “I’m sorry, I thought I knew that girl. I didn’t mean to touch her. I just thought I knew her. I only touched her a little bit.” Unsurprisingly that excuse didn’t hold water.

Lopez has been charged with five counts of simple battery and remains jailed on $5,000 bond.