‘Sesame Street’ Asked An Innocent Question About Muppets, And Things Got Weird

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Sesame Street celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, which is incredible in that anyone born after the year 1965 has probably grown up with the beloved PBS educational children’s television series, as well as their children, and their children’s children in many cases. The residents of the titular neighborhood are as ubiquitous and recognizable as any fictional characters — from Mickey Mouse to Bart Simpson — and as such, people understandably have their personal favorites.

Yet, the official Sesame Street Twitter account threw people for a loop by posing the following question this week. “You’re stuck on a deserted island and you can pick one of these Sesame Street friends to come with you,” the tweet read, with pictures of Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster, and Elmo. “Who are you picking and why?”

It seems like a pretty random sampling of characters to choose from. I mean, why not Big Bird, who could easily reach up and grab coconuts from trees? Or Snuffleupagus who could also, uh, reach up and grab coconuts from trees?

At any rate and despite the fact that Sesame Street Muppets are overall kind, benevolent creatures — many not unreasonably turned to which one would provide the most sustenance in the event that sh*t got real.



By process of elimination or legitimate arguments, some came up with rationale for picking Elmo, Oscar, or (for non-eating reasons) Cookie Monster.




But perhaps the strongest cases were made for Grover, due to his abilities to befriend wildlife, knowledge of when things are near or far, his alter-ego of Super Grover (who could ostensibly fly off the island), or just because he’s so darn good at hugs:




Even if Grover himself makes it clear that a deserted island is the last place you will find him:

Although as Joseph Gordon-Levitt points out, maybe what you’d really need is a WILD CARD.

Sure, sure … Animal is technically a Muppet and not a Sesame Street character, but if the Muppets were factored in it seems safe to say that Miss Piggy would be toast. Y’all are savages out there.