Seth Meyers Unveils His List Of ‘COVID Keepers’ That We Should Definitely Keep Doing After The Pandemic

While the pandemic has been an unusual experience that’s been equal parts frustrating and terrifying for over a year now, Late Night host Seth Meyers decided to spend Tuesday night highlighting some of the positive changes society has made that we should definitely keep doing even when this whole thing is over.

In a segment titled “COVID Keepers,” Meyers unveiled a pretty solid list of items that should stick around for a while starting with elbow bumps, which he feels should permanently replace handshakes. “I don’t know where we got the idea that the best way to greet people was with one of the three or four parts of out body that are reliably damp,” Meyers effectively argued. Via The Wrap:

“Elbow bumps get the point across just as well,” Meyers continued. “And they kind of look cool. And, I can be 100% certain that you didn’t have your elbow down your pants five minutes before this meeting.”

As for the other items on the list, Meyers was a big fan of people having time for weird personal hobbies that they keep to themselves, wearing masks on the subway, putting more scientists on TV, and the biggest one of them all, working from home.

“It’s better for the environment, it cuts down on traffic, and if you think coming into the office means you’re more productive, then you have not visited my writer’s room,” Meyers joked. “Your computer at home works great. You know what doesn’t work? The office printer, the office copy machine and the office fridge.”