Seth Meyers Spent 10 Straight Minutes Roasting Rudy Giuliani For, Well, Being Rudy Giuliani

During Monday’s episode of Late Night, host Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” at Rudy Giuliani’s legal issues. “Rudy Giuliani’s defenders are claiming the FBI raids of his home and office are part of a conspiracy by the Biden administration to target him, even though the investigation started during the Trump administration,” he said. From there, Meyers spent the next 10 minutes roasting the former-New York City mayor.

Meyers went in on Rudy holding a biography of Alexander Hamilton while teasing a press conference (“I’m guessing Rudy has some secret information that proves Hamilton actually won the duel”), how Trump’s former-personal attorney sounds like “some Upper East Side scam artist who does walking tours for out-of-towners, but doesn’t actually know what he’s talking about,” and his misplaced belief that New Yorkers still love him. “I love that when things get bad for Rudy, he always falls back on ‘New York City, baby!’ But that ship has sailed, pal. You’re never going to be in a Yankees commercial again.”

Later, Meyers noted that Giuliani has seemingly gone out of his way to incriminate himself and Trump. “I’m no legal expert but I’m pretty sure attorney-client privilege goes away when you read the documents aloud on national television,” he said. “It’s like the dumb criminal version of your grandma reading you a funny meme she came across on Facebook.” Meyers also compared him to “an ailing grandfather having a flashback to the war during a family gathering.”

You can watch the “Closer Look” above.