Shailene Woodley Wore A Disguise To A ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Screening

To avoid being ripped to shreds by a horde of teenage girls with streaked eye makeup, Shailene Woodley apparently wore a disguise to a screening of The Fault In Our Stars, the new hit movie that came together thanks to an unlikely collaboration between cancer and tissues. Want to see her?

Wow. I never would have recognized…oh, that’s not the photo? This is?

Sunglasses Dog is still pretty cool. Anyway, that’s Shailene (who looks like this now — it’s more “disguise” than disguise) with her co-star Ansel Elgort (that can’t be a real name), and he wrote on Twitter, “Shai is bringing her own popcorn to #tfios hahahaha. So bootleg.” But she did remember her homemade overpriced box of organic Junior Mints?