Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ Earns A Lovely Cover Courtesy Of A ‘Singing’ Parrot

Sia is rather bullish on staying hidden using coiffure as camouflage, but we’re reasonably sure the singer showcased in the video above is not the popular recording artist. Upon closer inspection, that appears to be a parrot singing Sia’s mega-hit “Chandelier.” We’ll still take it, of course.

A Facebook video featuring a parrot singing (or “singing”) the tune has generated over one million views in a matter of days. This bird doesn’t even have to memorize Maddie Ziegler‘s choreography and the clip still blows up. Listen to the EMOTION in that parrot’s soul. There’s a credibility to this green vocalist’s declaration that “I’m gonna fly like a bird through the night” that can only come from a winged creature. (Even if that bird’s trapped in a cage.) It might not be the most technically perfect rendition of “Chandelier” you’ll come across this year, but this is pretty darn good for a parrot and for the animal kingdom at large.

Who knows? Maybe this video’s popularity could result in the parrot swinging by Carpool Karaoke and releasing a line of enormous celebrity bird wigs. Or it’s possible that a parrot singing “Chandelier” is just a welcome distraction. Probably the distraction one.