CNN Was Dying To Ask Gene Simmons His Opinion On Donald Trump

If you thought that all Grandpa Gene Simmons was good for these days was ranting about today’s music and women depending on men, then you’re in for a surprise. Because tonight, Simmons actually criticized his friend Donald Trump’s immigration comments on CNN, and it was actually kind of reasonable.

Regarding Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric (which may or may not include him calling Mexican immigrants rapists), Simmons went on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon to measuredly criticize the candidate:

“What I do think is happening with the political spectrum–whether we’re talking about Donald Trump or anybody else is–it’s really become unkind. It’s ungentlemanly. What we could all use is a chance to understand that Al Qaeda and the Taliban and all the bad guys in the world hate all of us. Far left, far right, we’re all just Americans.”

He also says that Trump is “smarter than that. He’s better that,” but that he understands where anti-immigrant sentiment comes from.

It’s then kind of great when Simmons goes onto rib easy target Don Lemon for caring about his opinion on the presidential race in the first place, likening it to asking Jeb Bush about Led Zeppelin. Then he explains what “caveat” means, morphing into the blowhard that we already know him as.

(Via Mediaite)