Great Job, Internet: 'Simpsons' Movie Reference GIFs Vs. The Actual Movie

I hesitate to label Movie Simpsons as a single serving Tumblr — despite that being my mandate as a purveyor of the internet — because as long as they keep updating there will be nothing single serving about it. I’ll be checking in on the reg to the site dedicated to pairing Simpsons movie reference GIFs next to GIFs from the movie scene they’re referencing. It’s all just too perfectly geeky.

So far they’ve only tackled three episodes: “Rosebud” (S5E4, Citizen Kane), “Homer The Vigilante” (S5E11, It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World), and “Cape Feare” (S5E2, Cape Fear). I think we can all agree that Community wouldn’t be the show it has been through three seasons if “Cape Feare” had never happened. Holy sh*t that episode is brilliant.

Dear anonymous Tumblogger behind Movie Simpsons: Now that you’ve hit your stride please take on “22 Short Films About Springfield,” ASAP. The internet is counting on you.

Movie Simpsons