The Audience Went Silent At The Most Hilarious Moment In This Viral Video

#TimingIssues at Poole ?

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After a weekend filled with sadness and remembrance, this video of a simple moment of hilarity is a welcome one. The clip has been elevated to the top of the Reddit pile and ripped off in numerous Internet locations, but the original Instagram clip tells a Saturday night tale from Poole, England.

In the video, a pop singer struck high notes in falsetto as his audience sang along. He paused the song and went silent at the same moment as everyone in the room, but one lone voice rang out in the venue. The singer struggled to keep his composure, which didn’t last long. He smiled broadly as the audience tittered, but he kept on singing. This was a fantastic, charismatic moment and one that the audience will remember.

Of course, this isn’t just any singer. Joe McElderry may not be a household name on this side of the pond, but he won the UK version of The X-Factor in 2009. He’s maintained enough of a following that his audience sings along with every word. Sometimes this happens to disastrous effect, but McElderry rolled with the audience’s glee. This is a true sign of a gifted performer.

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