SNL Was On Fire Saturday Night


By now you’ve probably seen the video of Texas governor Rick Perry giving a speech in New Hampshire where he appears to be, um, under the influence of something, right? If not, go watch the 3-minute clip right now. I demand it.

Now after you’ve done that come back and watch the clip below of Bill Hader doing a downright amazing impersonation of a drunk Rick Perry during SNL’s Weekend Update segment. I’m increasingly becoming of the belief that Bill Hader is the funniest person alive. Dude is just kind in the zone right now. His Rick Perry was so funny to me that I now want Perry to be the Republican presidential candidate just for the LOLs Hader’s impersonations of him would surely bring.

And I’d be doing you all a disservice if i didn’t also embed SNL’s Kardashian divorce skit from this weekend. It was one for the ages. Serious LOL stuff. So glad to have SNL being funny again.

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