Some British Pranksters Have Been Altering London Underground Signs

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10.24.14 3 Comments

The London Underground is probably the most polite yet at times horrifically overcrowded public transportation system I think I have ever experienced. A few years back, my husband and I were taking the Piccadilly Line, which was experiencing delays, all the way from Heathrow to London with our baggage during peak hours. I came dangerously close to having a panic attack had it not been for the cheery, disembodied British voice reminding us to mind the gap and apologizing for the delays. Thankfully the train broke down a little more than halfway into our trip so we had to get off, hauling our luggage behind us, to find other connecting trains that would take us where we needed to go.

Ehh, still not worse than SEPTA.

Anyway, to alleviate the stress of having to ride the tube, these British pranksters took it upon themselves to create a somewhat more pleasant experience by altering signs to at least give passengers a laugh while they’re being crammed in like sardines. I’ve posted a few of my favorites below but you can view them all here. I particularly like the last one, which I feel should be mandatory for any public transportation experience.

(Via Reddit)

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