Some Crook Stole 160,000 Diapers From A Dallas Charity That Helps Homeless Children

Last I checked, thieves and the act of stealing are both big no-no’s. So, what do you call someone who steals not only from those in need, but from BABIES IN NEED? A lot of words instantly come to mind, but I was raised to be an empathetic, forgiving Catholic, and well, my mom reads my UPROXX posts. (Hi, mom, yes, I still totally go to church on Sundays.)

Such a ____ person was recently caught on camera pilfering about 160,000 diapers from Captain Hope’s Kids, a Dallas charity that benefits homeless children. Way to go, humanity.

The theft, first reported by Fox 4 News, happened Oct. 8 or 9. Surveillance video caught a man in red shorts making off with a load of diapers at the warehouse in North Dallas. The stolen diapers were worth more than $34,000.

Dallas police are still reviewing the footage and no arrest has been made.

According to Program Director Sam Mattox, Captain Hope’s Kids will take a big hit as a result of the theft.

“We distribute over $16,000 worth of diapers a week, so this loss is equivalent to almost two months’ worth of diapers,” said Mattox.

Although the suspect still remains at large, Jeanne Reyer, the charity’s Executive Director, has said that thankfully all the stolen diapers will soon be replaced by some generous folks. This world isn’t just full of crooks!

“We have had quite a few people that are contacting us,” she said. “Kimberly-Clark will replace all the diapers. And Emmitt Smith Realty Partners and the Pat and Emmitt Smith Charities are on their way over with diapers.”

Below, watch a short news clip on the incident.

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Via Dallas News and CW 33