Some Dude Got His Nipple Photoshopped Clear Off In This Diet Coke Ad

I don’t know what the advertising agency who created this Diet Coke ad — which is appearing in magazines and on billboards throughout the UK — wanted people to think when they looked at it. Probably something along the lines of “That man is sexy. I should drink Diet Coke and then maybe I’ll be that sexy, too.” Or, “That man is sexy. Maybe if I drink Diet Coke, I can land myself a sexy man like that.” Unfortunately though, what people are really are thinking is: “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT MAN’S NIPPLE? DID IT FALL OFF FROM DRINKING TOO MUCH DIET COKE?!?!?!?!”

That’s what I was thinking, anyway. See? It just goes to show you, its not just women who fall prey to atrocious Photoshop disasters. This poor, fallen nipple is just one casualty among countless others.

(Via Buzzfeed)