Someone Paid A Ridiculous Amount Of Money For The Last Crumbs Cupcake

07.12.14 4 years ago
Crumbs Birthday Cupcake Ebay


It’s been hard for cupcake lovers this past week. First, Crumbs unexpectedly shut down all its stores after over 10 years in the biz. Now, hungry customers who are scrambling to grab any and all crumbs (ha! ha?) of Crumbs are faced with some ridiculously steep prices.

Case in point? Somebody on eBay just coughed up $255 for one of the last Crumbs cupcakes. The original listing read:

Bid on this still-delicious soon-to-be relic, and you’ll be able to tell your grandchildren that you devoured the last Crumbs cupcake. This cupcake was purchased at the Crumbs Bake Shop on 42nd Street. Little did Likeable Media know it would be the last “Birthday Cupcake” we ever purchased. Now we’d like to pass on the joy to you! We are going to freeze it to make sure it doesn’t go stale. But best bet is to use the BUY IT NOW option.

OK, they don’t taste nearly as bad as those icky Mountain Dew Doritos cupcakes, but I can think of about a gazillion things that not only fare better than a Crumbs sweet treat, but cost a heck of a lot less than $255. At least some of us still have the Cupcake ATM to turn to?

Via Jezebel

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