A Sneaky Son Gives His Dad A Terrifying Birthday Surprise By Hiding In A Car Trunk

Not all surprises are created equal. There are good surprises in life, such as coming home after a long day or work to find a surprise cake, weird surprises like a student just rolling off of a shelf behind a projector screen during a lecture, then casually getting up and walking out of the class or there are crappy surprises, like dog poop. Surprising a dad on his birthday? That tends to fall under the good surprise category, that is, unless you scare him half to death.

That’s exactly what happened here, as this son flew home to surprise his father on his birthday, but decided that the act of simply being there as a surprise wasn’t cool enough. Oh no, instead he hid in the trunk of his mother’s car and laid in wait for his mother to ask his father to grab something out of the trunk for her, where he was then shocked to see his son jump out at him, the entire thing caught on video.

“Well don’t put me swearing on there. Oh my god! I mean, it’s enough to be scared by somebody, then to see this face.”

This dad was a good sport about it and seemed legitimately happy to see his son, so this would probably be considered a good surprise. Sure, he did unleash a string of expletives, but just about anyone would in that same situation.

(Via Mashable)