South Korea’s KFC ‘Zinger Double Down King’ Is The New Sign Of The Foodpocalypse

Ever since KFC’s Famous Bowls inspired Patton Oswalt’s famous stand-up bit, there’s nothing that the fast food giant could do to surprise us anymore. After all, this is the company that followed up those bowls, which were basically complete meals layered on top of each other so worker drones and stoners could eat then 10 times faster than they should, with the legendary Double Down. A sandwich that replaced two slices of bread or a bun with breaded chicken breasts, wrapped around two slices of cheese and some bacon, the Double Down was more of a dare than it was a valid meal, but people in America have loved the hell out of it in recent years, because it’s just so much fun to tempt individual fates.

So what, then, could KFC do to ever top the Double Down? Enter: the Zinger Double Down King, which embraces the ingredients of the original Double Down, but adds an all-new element – a hamburger patty. That’s right, it’s a bacon cheeseburger with fried chicken breasts as buns. Amazingly, this monstrosity that I would have to try out of my obligation to our loyal food readers is not available in the U.S. Instead, it can only be found in South Korea, where it costs $7, according to the Wall Street Journal. As for why this isn’t coming to American KFC restaurants, I assume it’s because the sandwich is “only” 750 calories and will need to add a fried mozzarella wedge or deep-fried Oreo in order to qualify for U.S. fast food.

In the meantime, let’s all watch this incredible commercial and drool…

UPDATE: And Patton Oswalt just weighed in on Twitter…