This Spectacular Robbery Fail Might Make Any Would-Be Criminals Reconsider A Life Of Crime

Compliments of Reddit’s Justice Porn subreddit, here is CCTV footage of a would-be robber attempting to rob a convenience store in Findlay, Ohio, last month. It’s unclear what kind of weapon the suspect was brandishing at the employee behind the counter, but he was no match for the store’s other employee, who came from around back swinging a mop handle. The ensuing scuffle took out half of the front of the store before employee #2 went for the mop’s bucket and started beating the bad guy about the head with it.

Things get even worse for the hapless criminal when two customers enter the store and quickly jump into the fray, one picking up a fallen display to pound on the guy with. The video cuts out soon after that, but, according to Ohio’s ABC13, the customers and store employees were able to detain the guy until police arrived. And that, my friends, is why crime doesn’t pay. (Especially if you’re a total moron who sucks at crime.)

And while the video is great on its own, we here at Uproxx thought it could still use a little bit of improvement. Here, fixed it for you:

(ABC13 via Reddit)