Two New ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Clips Totally Violated Our Prime Directive

Just in time for our Captain Kirk GIFs morning, Paramount has released two more videos from Star Trek Into Darkness. We’ll admit they aren’t as intense as the final theatrical trailer, but the second one comes damn close.

Here’s a description of the first clip, via /film.

Drawn from the IMAX prologue to the film (meaning it takes place early in the movie) this features a classic conundrum on the bridge of the Enterprise: Spock (Zachary Quinto) is in peril trying to achieve a mission goal, and there seem to be only two possible outcomes. Either he finishes his work, and dies, or is rescued, which would result in a violation of the Prime Directive. (The directive disallows interference in the development of alien civilizations.)

We can assume they violate the Prime Directive, because they’re not going to kill Spock in the first ten minutes of the movie, right? Then again, those blue wetsuits they’re wearing also demonstrate poor judgement, so who knows?

Paramount also released a new picture of villain “John Harrison”, who would be a much more menacing character if he were named something else (“Benedict Cumberbatch” for example). Along with the picture comes a video of Cumberbatch sending a message directly to Kirk. If you don’t listen to the words and only hear how velvety and familiar his tone is, this kind of sounds like Cumberbatch is trying to seduce Captain Kirk. Someday this may be remembered as the clip that finally broke Tumblr.