‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Character Names For Benedict Cumberbatch And Alice Eve Revealed (Spoilers)

We have several updates regarding Star Trek Into Darkness and a new photo. Continue on to find out the names of the villain Benedict Cumberbatch is portraying and the name of Alice Eve’s character. Plus, we have a Klingon update. Spoilers ahoy.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s character has been rumored to be Gary Mitchell despite the numerous Khan references so far. The Japanese version of the recent teaser video, for example, invoked the famous scene from Wrath of Khan, showing two hands on opposite sides of a clear barrier, one doing the Vulcan salute and the other not. The implication was that Spock was in danger and Kirk was on the opposite side, as in Wrath of Khan. Now Paramount has released a new picture which reveals who was really in that scene:

(Click for full size)

Now we see Spock is on the opposite side, and it’s Benedict Cumberbatch in the chamber. Paramount labelled the picture with the characters’ names. They’re calling Cumberbatch’s character *drum roll* . . . John Harrison. *crickets* . . . Who? An obscure character from Space Seed, it turns out.

A technician first-class on the U.S.S. Enterprise in 2267. Harrison nearly suffocated on the bridge when Khan cut the air supply. Captain Kirk’s log reflected a commendation for him. [Startrek]

Probably another misdirect, although it’s worth noting the first draft of Space Seed named Khan “John Ericssen”, a Nordic superman. That’s not far from John Harrison. So, another Khan reference, maybe?

Additionally, Silas Lesnick was at a press event for Star Trek Into Darkness and tweeted some new details about Klingons and about Alice Eve’s character:

To summarize, we’re going to see Klingon homeworld, Quo’nos. There are fourteen Klingons in the movie (two with speaking roles). Oh, and did we mention Alice Eve is playing Carol Marcus? Yes, the famous molecular biologist who is the mother of James T. Kirk’s son, David.

Kirk gets to knock up Alice Eve and Spock gets with Uhura? We’ve just found the two luckiest dudes in every galaxy.

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