‘Star Wars: Battlefront III’ Returns From The Dead In Time For An E3 Trailer

Last year, we thought Star Wars: Battlefront III was as dead as Jar Jar is dead to us. (You hear that, Jar Jar? DEAD TO ME.) The game was being developed by Free Radical, a promising company with former Goldeneye and Perfect Dark developers on staff. Then LucasArts altered the deal canceled their partnership with Free Radical, despite the game being “99% finished” according to Free Radical founder Steve Ellis. The small developer went bankrupt and LucasArts — who disagreed with the “99% finished” claim — started over with a new developer, Rebellion. That didn’t work out well, either.

All of that changed when EA acquired the rights to make Star Wars: Battlefront III at their DICE Studio in Stockholm, Sweden. EA opened their E3 presentation this year with the video above showing DICE developers visiting the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum for assets to use in the game. There are only a few shots of in-game footage, but they sure are pretty.

Via Escapist Magazine